I’m a graphic designer, passionate about producing concept lead projects that embrace digital technology: About Me

Focal Studios are a multidisciplinary Creative Studio specialising in projection mapping, video production, immersive media and digital content.

During my internship at Focal I was part of a large-scale project called ‘Visible Virals’. A project to celebrate people and communities that have helped each other over the pandemic.

︎︎︎ I took part in generating artwork for projections that lit up Liverpool’s Iconic buildings for a guerrilla marketing week.

The final event on the 23rd of March 2 years after the start of the pandemic, was a projection at the Liverpool Museum of a game. That tells the stories of the people of Liverpool, giving audiences a glimpse into other peoples’ and communities’ lives during the lockdowns.

I generated assets for the game and animated 2D character sprites in a pixel format fitting with the style of the campaign.

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